It’s been over two decades since I put down the telephone and did a dance around my desk when my first cold call was successful and I must admit I still do today.  Taking that first leap of faith in myself and realising my potential was the first hurdle when I began my business.   What about you, do you still get those butterflies of excitement and the rush of adrenalin when you get new business?  Do you ever have those niggling doubts about your potential to undertake new work or go in a new direction?

It’s all about realising the potential we have inside to be great leaders in our business and careers.  We all have the potential to be great at something, the first thing is to find that something!

To many of us worry about getting approval from others and listen to the negative talk, which affects our self esteem.  Real power comes from acting on our deep, personal values.  Have you let opportunities pass you by or do you think that you just can’t do something, because your not smart enough, don’t have the qualifications, to short, to old and the list goes on?

Prior to starting my own business in 1994 I thought I should try and secure a well paid job as I was responsible for the upbringing of two young children on my own and maybe the idea of starting my own business even though I had the support of my parents was a little adventurous when others were depending on me.  So I applied for a position and was contacted for an interview.  Going into the interview I was confident as I had the skills and experience that was needed.  However, the person who interviewed me was critical about everything I had achieved even saying “I must have been drunk when writing my application letter, because of my bad handwriting”.  At this point he had touched a raw nerve, as I had always been told my handwriting was shocking and at that moment I realised that this belief in myself affected my self esteem in such a big way.  It took all my self control not to just slip out of his office with my self esteem totally shattered, believing that I was hopeless.

The next day he phoned and offered me the job, saying how well I had handled his difficult questions as he was trying to see how i would react to people abusing me, as this is what happened in his office all the time.  I politely told him no and that his style of interviewing was unnerving to say the least.

A few months later I opened my business with a computer and printer that I purchased from a small inheritance from my mum and now employ over 60 people and have a client list that continues to grow and am proud to say that some of my clients have been with me for over fifteen years.

We all have personal drivers, for some it is money for others it is lifestyle, helping others or status in the community.  I believe work must offer more than money and status, it must offer you the chance to make a difference.

We all need to discover our potential and choose our path of success, it’s all about choosing the life we want to live as it gives us power. it’s a mater of making the right choice.

Seizing opportunities that present themselves with confidence, there is no point in always wishing you had a go.  It doesn’t matter how long you have been in business or your career journey, it is important that you know your values and believe in yourself and the choices that you make.

What do you do best?  What do you really enjoy?  Many people stagnate in their jobs and even their own businesses, bored just going through the motions.  Work is a means to an end, not the end.  If you can’t put your values to work at your place of employment then put them to work somewhere else. 

If you are just going to work or in a situation that is in conflict with your values and is not allowing you the opportunity to reach your true potential then remember you have a choice, know your true potential, seize the opportunity  and “choose your life” you only have one.

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