The VIP Mentoring program compliments the VIP Leadership Team Development program, providing ongoing supoort and direction to the Leaders of today and the future.

The Mentoring program achieves results in:


  • Personal commitment to achieve their best
  • Professional development
  • Unified Leadership Team commitment
  • Igniting the potential in their frontline teams
  • Focus and engagement
  • Stronger Engagement with Patrons 
  • Retention and Respect of their team
  • Revenue growth

Bringing me into your organisation to mentor your leadership team or KEY individuals will deliver industry specialised…

*  Results
*  Greater productivity, improved customer service, bigger profits, faster growth
*  Learning
*  Insights about self, others, and how to handle things more effectively
*  Speed & Streamlining
*  Getting things done quicker and with fewer problems
*  Perspective
*  Space to reflect on what is happening, and truthful feedback
*  Awareness
*  Of perspectives, beliefs, and attitudes that can hold you and others back or lift your whole organisation up
*  Confidence
*  Support, encouragement and self-awareness lead to bolder moves and more growth
*  Clarity
*  Focus values and stand for them, put the ideal people in the right roles
*  Neutrality
*  Third party moderation for reviews, strategy, planning and conflict resolution
*  Mentoring
*  Fresh ideas offered from grounded knowledge and experience, developing mentoring capacities in-house
*  Skills improvement
*  Progress for staff at all levels with communication, presentation, service, delegation, conflict management, team building, persuasion etc.


Call Michelle now to discuss your VIP Mentoring journey to success  +61 2 9799 7799 or go to  to view the VIP Mentor program,  The first and only Hub for 2017 with a select group of 5 participants will commence on the 1st May, 2017. Applications are now available by contacting Michelle.