The VIP Customer Service and Engagement Workshops for the Frontline Team

Visiting “your” business can be like visiting a favourite friend where you feel comfortable, at ease and welcome as a special client or it can be just another visit to yet another commercial  business. This workshop trains your team how to handle all aspects of providing excellent customer service from welcoming and dealing with enquiries, handling complaints, promoting and communicating effectively the range and benefits of your services/products, personal grooming and the overall business image.

Who Should Attend

This practical and motivational workshop should be offered to all team members. No matter whether they sit at the front desk or in the back room each and every one of your team represent your business. Management should also attend so they can support team members implementing the ideas from the workshop.


At the completion of the program participants will have a clear understanding of the Superior Customer Service Performance standards and how it affects, the customer, the business and themselves.

Topics Covered in this Workshop Include:

  • Setting the scene for customer service
  • The importance of dress & grooming when establishing a good first impression
  • Positive Attitude – Teamwork
  • The six secrets to making customers feel welcome
  • Identifying when customers need assistance and dealing with questions and queries
  • Using customer service to promote or upsell business facilities and services
  • Handling workplace conflict
  • Handling customer complaints
  • Efficient processing of ticket sales, memberships and renewals
  • Offering an invitation to become a member of your organisation
  • Your role in security – being aware of what is happening
  • Making the farewell a great last impression


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