Improving Business Through the Use of the Telephone

Every day hundreds of people experience your business via the telephone. That experience translates into positive or negative customer service. Being put on hold, given confusing information or dealt with in an offhand manner will affect your relationship with your customers. This workshop trains staff the importance of making every telephone contact a positive experience. It also shows your team how to be professional and productive in a sometimes stressful environment.

Who Should Attend

This practical and motivational workshop should be offered to all staff whether they be reception, back room or your mobile sales force. Everybody is representing your company on the telephone, whether they are internal or external calls they are all important. Management should also attend so they can support staff implementing the ideas from the workshop.


At the completion of the program, participants will have a clear understanding of the Telephone Communication Performance standards. They will be able to answer the phone in a professional manner and deal with a wide range of enquiry calls. They will also be able to handle complaints with professionalism and understanding.

Topics Covered in this Workshop

  • The importance of a smile
  • The ten tips to great phone communication
  • Practical strategies for call management, transferring calls and message taking
  • Ways of demonstrating understanding and empathy without being face to face
  • Efficiently dealing with standard enquiries
  • Making appointments
  • Sales Calles techniques
  • Follow up calls to meetings and proposals
  • Handling complaints with professionalism
  • Time management tips for keeping up productivity and efficiency
  • The telephone efficiency checklist