The VIP Leadership Team Development

We offer the VIP Leadership Team Development Program in two formats:

1.  Senior Management Team - CEO, Operations, Department Managers and Duty Managers

2.  Supervisors, Team Leaders and High Potentials


Rather than a traditional workshop where the trainer talks and participants listen, this program gives your team an opportunity to discuss issues specific to their Venue and situation. This workshop is designed to give your management staff the skills they need to build a team, maintain or improve morale and assist team members to implement training skills in their workplace.

This program also gives senior management a chance to tap into the “eyes and ears” of the Venue.

This program also includes Behavioural Style reports through the use of Extended DISC  reviewing and discussing individual results and team dynamics.

Enhanced Topics

  • Management  and Leadership Skills
  • Implementation of Training
  • Staff Morale
  • Team Building
  • Member Incentive Promotions
  • Staff incentives
  • Business Improvement Ideas
  • Staff Goals


At the completion of the program participants will have a clear understanding of the processes and importance of management. They will have developed strategies and tactics for building staff morale whilst improving productivity and performance.

Topics Covered in this Workshop Include

  • Empathetic Communication – “Ability to take the role of the other”
  • Description and Feedback - "Ability to describe the issue and the facts giving clear feedback without attacking the person."
  • Being responsible for ones own actions and feelings – rather than blaming others
  • Behavioral flexibility – willing to change and try new ways of dealing with differences constructively
  • Conscious commitment – working together as a team being individuals
  • Respecting the integrity of the individual and the group
  • Clear understanding of their role
  • Building morale amongst themselves and staff
  • Building clear communication channels with senior management
  • Boss -v- Buddy, which are you to staff?



The VIP Leadership Team Development program is delivered over 3 days with a minimum of 7 days interval between each day.    The sessions are very “introspective” and thought provoking as each attendee reviews their "management style" and personal beliefs and goals.

Team Leader / Supervisor

The role of the Team Leader / Supervisor is one that requires confidence in one-self to move from being a “worker” to one who leads and manages floor staff, who were once their peers. This is not always an easy task for many Team Leaders / Supervisors as they become typically involved in a downward spiral of “doing” and not delegating or overseeing.

When dealing with Duty Managers and Senior Management their ability to advance ideas or ask for assistance needs to be encouraged. Unfortunately, failure reinforces the self-fulfilling prophecy of a “negative self image” often and other successes rarely change this image. Success and self-image are important credentials in this role.

This workshop will look at their personal skills in dealing with staff members, senior management and patrons.

It will allow them the opportunity to commence to discover their true potential and start/continue on the path of the people they really want to be, by focusing on their Self Image; mastering their emotions and releasing their full potential benefiting not only themselves but importantly also the Venue.

The topics that are described in the VIP Leadership Team Development program for senior management are related to this group to reflect their role as Team Leaders and Supervisors.


To often we hear from our clients that they struggle to fiind the next team member to "step up" when a leadershp role becomes vacant.  We therefore encourage senior management to identify those team members who they believe have the potential in the future to become leaders to be involved in these programs.

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