Mystery Shopping



There are variety of reporting systems and questionnaire styles, to choose the program that is right for your needs ensure you undertake the following to achieve the results you are looking for:

1.  Identify why you want a Mystery Shopping Program?

2.  Who in your business is going to handle the data and ensure feedback is used within the business to grow the bottom line and the engagement between customers and team members?

3.  Research Mystery Shopping companies - are you looking for a company that offers a 10 question survey or an in depth analysis into your business?

4.  Would you like the Manager of the MS company to present the findings to your team to support the online platform?

5.  Are you wanting an industry benchmark?

6.  Would you like to be able to include specific questions on your business to measure marketing returns?  Customised reports with your questions not just theirs

7.  Are you looking for a company that has industry based knowledge?

8.  Compare Apples with Apples - just because it's cheap doesn't mean it's better.  Look at the value of the information and relate it to the cost. 


At OOPS we pride ourselves on our long term client relationships. The performance of your venue is our priority, and our goal is to experience every aspect of what your business has on offer to ensure that our feedback will make a difference to the guests you serve and – ultimately – your bottom line.  We specialise in retention strategies and leadership training to ensure unparrelled experience in your venue.

OARS, our proprietary reporting system – hosted in the Cloud for real time access – is not just a reporting tool but a real opportunity to understand your guest interactions and service functions. Audit data is available online within 24 hours of each Mystery Snoop visit, giving you full visibility over every aspect of the process.

With an audit scope, question inventory and reporting system all able to be tailored to suit the needs of any client in any industry, you’ll always receive meaningful information in an easy to use format.


Our "Mystery Shopping" program also includes grahpical and informative "Mapping of the Journey" research report that reports on the "EXPERIENCE".  This purely subjective report complements our objective report, providing you the opportunity to view the guest experience through their eyes as they interact with each of your team members.  For venues to survive they need Recommendations and Referrals - this bespoke software shows the journey and at what points your team and facilities go beyond the guests expectations and those that detract from the overall experience.


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