Competitor Analysis

Research has shown us that in this increasingly competitive service based market it is vital for businesses to take a clear position in their market and communicate their competitive advantages to both existing and potential customers.

In 2008 we introduced a ground breaking new program that allows businesses to confidentially research and analyse their competitors, compare their performance and develop their own distinctive positioning in the marketplace.

The Comparative Analysis Program is perfect for businesses that are facing new competitors or the refurbishment of an existing competitor in their catchment area. It is also ideal for businesses that are considering a new acquisition or about to embark on a major marketing campaign.

The research is carried out by experienced OOPS Mystery Snoops and the report provides relevant information at a glance. This information can also be easily exported into other documents such as marketing plans, strategic plans or board papers.

By studying how your competitor operates by having your "ear to the ground", often has a lot of merit.  When you know your competitors strengths and weaknesses, you can better their offering.

Some businesses compete on price or quality, I believe successful businesses go beyond this, through the experience they create for the customer before, during and after the transaction.

The program can compare an unlimited number of businesses, however, the average comparison typically involves four (4) businesses plus the Base Business (yours).

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