Insight Reports

Our team of Mystery Snoops don’t just skim the surface; they spend ample time on the ground in your organisation. We interact with team members and other customers and – with confidentiality assured – provide you with the necessary insights to really see the business as the guest does – by standing in their shoes.

With absolute integrity and quality assurance, we help you to make informed decisions about the aspects of your venue that matter to your guests. And we don’t just issue a report; we work with your executive team and management to share the insights we have gained, impart our knowledge and help you to actually implement the change.

Bespoke reporting – online in real time – OARS system

In built functionality enables various aspects of the reporting to be delegated down the management chain, in line with role responsibilities and authorities of your team.

We work with you to develop the scope of the audit and reporting questions drawing on our vast experience across a range of diverse industries.  We specialise in the Hospitality Industry, however, have expanded due to our clients diversifying their services, we now also work with Health and Fitness, Child Care, Beauty, Accommodation, Retail and Self Storage.

OARS - A quantitative measurement system ensures your business can be benchmarked to industry peers and tracked over time in Trends Analysis.  Supplemented with important qualitative feedback, easy to read and understand reports will really paint a picture of the kind of experiences your guestsrs are receiving, day in and day out.

We offer Competitor Audits along with data analysis that provides you a Map of where your offering is positioned alongside your competitors.  See more by clicking on Competitor Audit Tab.

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