What is Benchmarking?

  • A reference point for measuring performance
  • A focus on quality and excellence
  • Benchmarking and trends analysis is a key to your performance
  • It is a tool of comparison
  • It is a foundation for developing strategies and actions

Why Benchmark?

  • To understand industry standards and competitor performance
  • To evaluate performance
  • To establish goals

What does OOPS bring to Benchmarking?

  • An independent database 
  • A diverse database (comprises an expansive cross-section of businesses)
  • An unswerving guarantee of individual confidentiality
  • Relevant technology
  • Establishment of an OOPS benchmark

What is the background to OOPS benchmark

  • Independence
  • Significant experience and exposure (over two decades)
  • Broader hospitality industry exposure
  • Understanding of organisational and customer service excellence

How will OOPS produce benchmarking Data

  • Draw upon the new database technology (as reflected in online reporting)
  • Manipulate (but not distort) the data
  • Compile an Interim (six monthly) and an Annual Report

Are there other Benchmark related tools?

  • Trends Analysis is the other significant tool
  • It provides an analysis of the performance of a business over a selected time horizon
  • At a glance it lets you know how you have performed over a period
  • It provides a focus for developing strategies and actions

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