Trend Analysis


OOPS has developed, a customised on-line data program reporting system (OARS) that is able to provide you with information on your rating alongside the industry standard.

A six monthly and/or annual Trends Analysis Report will provide you specific information with graphical and statistical data showing the deficiencies and strengths supported by solutions to address the deficiencies and enhance the strengths.


OOPS has taken this one step further by establishing the “OOPS Benchmark”. The achievement of continual high standards through the four key aspects; Compliance, Image, Marketing and Service are reviewed through the Trends Analysis and then rated alongside the OOPS Benchmark.

The OOPS Benchmark is built on high achievement in each individual area, the knowledge of which will push your team and management to their full potential, thereby realising ultimate organisational performance.

In 2012 OOPS launched the Superior Customer Service Awards for large, medium and small sized Clubs as well as awarding an individual staff member who provided consistent superior customer service throughout the year.   OOPS received an overwhelming response from the Industry and it is now a prestigious Award that is highly contested.  The 2017 winners were announced in January 2018.  Go to our Award Page to view the winners.

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