In an increasingly constrained, competitive and challenging environment organisations are looking for value for money investments that make a difference.

The customer “is King” and clearly the key to improved organisational performance. A happy customer is critical to a happy environment, is the key to repeat business and importantly an advocate in the insatiable quest for new customers.

The organisation must present a welcoming spontaneous and ongoing interest in the importance of each and every customer. A concern with the individual quickly reflects in an all embracing positive culture.

“Positive” vibes are infectious and breed positive vibes that reflect in a positive organisational culture generally. It all starts however, with “First Impressions” being critical. A questioning of the nature and forms of “First Impressions” and other bench mark qualities is quickly established.

The theme continues a rapid experientially based development as an understanding of the qualities that distinguish customer service excellence and the link with performance management and organisational culture and performance is reinforced.

And there is more as the link with personal development and career path progress are advanced.

Ideal Audience

The presentation is suited to all personnel in an organisation whether it be small business or large corporation. Customer service is not limited to “meet and greet” or a friendly “hello”. It occurs at all levels within an organisation and all members of an organisation need to have a clear understanding of same.

Ideally the audience should comprise of a spectrum of organisational staff to reinforce the all pervading nature of the concept and facilities with diverse questioning at the presentation’s end.

Main Points

  • The customer pre-eminent position
  • Customer Service Standards - The qualities which distinguish Superior Customer Service
  • Customer Service and Organisational Culture - a team product
  • The importance of "First Impressions" and link with new and repeat business


  • An interactive 45 minutes session – not just a lecture.


  • Knowledge of the pre-eminent position of “first impressions”
  • An understanding of minimum standards and acknowledgement of progression to superior customer service.
  • Knowledge of the link between organisational culture and performance
  • Understanding positive “by products” such as personal development and career path advancement.

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