HANDBAG OF LIFE – a framework to guide and inspire on life’s daily journey in business.

Have you let opportunities pass you by or do you ever think that you just can't do something, because you are not smart enough, don't have the experience, to short, to old and the list goes on?

Are you a woman in business or the workforce questioning where you are heading? Do your inner thoughts resonate is there more?

Clearly, the success of women in business and the workforce should be there for all to achieve …and it is!

Women have a latent potential to succeed. Michelle firmly believes that unleashing this potential comes from the introspection of oneself; and understanding of the beliefs and values that one frequently shelters and a realisation of the often subconscious desire to succeed.

Igniting self examination, women leave Michelle’s passionate presentation invariably commencing to challenge who they are, what they believe and where they want to be. They commence to understand or reinforce that they have the capacity to incrementally grow their dreams and succeed.



Ideally suited to women entrepreneurs or those in the workforce who have reached a threshold and want more, but don’t really know what it is or how to achieve it?

Associaton Members
Women Networking Groups
Women Leadership Associations

Topics Covered in this Workshop Include:

  • Prosperity – encapsulated in giving and receiving
  • The art of discernment
  • Unleashing latent potential
  • Important impressions
  • What’s in an image?
  • Knowledge of self
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Understanding personal beliefs and values
  • Identifying personal drivers
  • "Dreaming" and Goal Setting
  • Integrating your goals with workplace opportunities
  • Re-evaluating your goals and progress



Knowledge of a framework to guide and inspire on life’s daily journey in business.


Invest in your future and be immersed in a presentation where the “rubber hits the road”. Using an analogy of the “Handbag of Life” as a support capsule pick up memorable prompts for survival and moreover success.

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