Do you use or are you thinking of using a Mystery Shopping company or does your company use; Customer Comment Cards, Customer Surveys, Focus Groups, Staff Surveys?  If yes, then you need to hear Michelle Pascoe. Mystery Shopping is the “new black” when it comes to research in the 21st Century. There is more to the report than meets the eye.

If Michelle could show you a way to that would improve your bottom line through engaged staff providing excellent service, would that be of interest to you?  With over 20 years of real life "Case Studies", her presentation is engaging, energetic and content rich (anything but boring!!).

Well known in the Hospitality industry since 1999 in providing comprehensive Business Insight Reports, OOPS developed their bespoke OARS program, offering their reports to a broad sprectrum of industries, including: automobile, self storage, hotel, accommodation/resorts, accountants, rental and hire, aged care, child care, health care, gyms, beauty industry and a variety of service businesses.

From the foundation of “service”, a platform has been established for Strategic Planning and Performance Management.  What do these graphs, statistics and comments about performance mean to the organisation beyond targeted marketing initiatives?

Michelle's key focus and passion pertains to service delivery and expectations of the 21st century customer, mapping the journey of today's customer.  No matter what industry "service" is the key point of difference, the "human connection".  The emergence of the EXTREME CUSTOMER who is connected, competitive, optimistic and relentless in their pursuit of value, is driving the changes in how businesses (even large corporates) deliver their product or service.

OOPS with its targeted investigation, research and analysis brings an extra dimension to data gathering and dissemination.

It has become clear that businesses are using the data to:

  • Reflect on organisational culture and develop cultural change programs
  • Inform performance management systems (recognition, reward, discipline)
  • Adjust workplace behaviour
  • Inform communication with the client base
  • Analyse marketing impacts / trends
  • Evaluate response to legislative change
  • Guide physical developments and enhancements
  • Establish a strategic competitive edge

The data as such takes the form of a “research tool” and over time also facilitates evaluation of performance and programs, informing future strategic and action planning.

Michelle Pascoe as principal of OOPS is a recognised and energetic presenter to diverse forums on – “Letting the Data Live”…. Not sit in your top draw!!

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