Do you really know what your customers are saying about your business? What sort of first impression your people are creating? And how the systems and processes in your business underpin your service strategy?

OOPS is a specialist in every aspect of service operations and processes, and their impact on your customer experience. Bringing expertise built over 20 years in mystery shopping, service benchmarking, surveys and focus groups, staff training and development, OOPS has the skills and experience to really shift the performance of your business.

The OOPS team – led by founder and Managing Director, Michelle Pascoe – is passionate about really improving the performance of your service-based business.

We bring innovation to everything we do

In a service-based business, what matters most is real-time reporting and the ability to identify and remedy service breakdowns quickly. That’s why OOPS developed our own proprietary reporting system that has the results of your Mystery Snoop activities onto your own personal dashboard within 24 hours of each visit.

In addition to research and analysis, OOPS writes and presents a series of practical and motivational workshops designed to really lift the service standards in your business, shift the thinking of your people in relation to their customers, and ignite the potential in all of your team.

Hear from our clients

“OOPS has been providing Staff Training and Mystery Shopping services to Campbelltown Catholic Club since 2001. Michelle Pascoe, principal of OOPS takes a personal interest in the success of the Club and her flexible approach to all requests sets her and OOPS apart from other service providers in this industry”.